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    Bringing Ashley Home Supporting Lifetime Movie Network/Nick Copus
    The Mermaid Chair Supporting Lifetime Movie Network/Steven Schachter
    The Accidental Witness Supporting Legacy Filmworks/Kristoffer Tabori
    Like Mike 2 Supporting Twentieth Century Fox/David Nelson
    Paradise Lead Independent / Dan Merali
    Pursued Supporting Shavick Entertainment / Kristoffer Tabori
    The Reading Lead Independent / Maureen Kelleher
    Final Destination 2 Supporting New Line Cinema / David Ellis
    Undercover Brother Supporting Universal / Malcolm D. Lee
    A Guy Thing Supporting MGM / Chris Koch
    Slapshot 2 Supporting Universal / Steve Boyum
    Comedy Club Lead Asylum / J.P. Mass
    Cool Undercover Lead Bandana Apart / J.P. Mass
    Turtle Soup Lead Independent / Brad Jubenvill
    For The Moment Cameo Independent / A. Kim Johnston
    Endgame Guest Star Global Television/Anne Wheeler
    Intelligence Guest Star CBC Television/Chris Haddock
    The L Word Guest Star SHOWTIME/Angela Robinson
    Psych Guest Star Mel Damski/USA Network
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Da Vinci's Inquest Recurring CBC / Various Directors
    Romeo Guest Star NICKELODEON / Ron Oliver
    Dead Like Me: The Ledger Recurring Guest Star SHOWTIME / Jeff Woolnough
    Jake 2.0 Guest Star UPN / Jorge Montesi
    Dead Like Me: Reaping Havoc Guest Star SHOWTIME / James Marshall
    Jeremiah Recurring SHOWTIME / Various Directors
    Twilight Zone Guest Star UPN / Debbie Allen
    Just Cause Guest Star PAX / Rob King
    Stargate SG-1 Guest Star SCI-FI / Peter Woeste
    The Dead Zone Guest Star USA / Michael Shapiro
    Steven Spielburg Presents Taken Guest Star SCI-FI / Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
    Babylon 5: Legend Of The Rangers (MOW) Supporting SCI-FI / Michael Vejar
    Trapped (MOW) Supporting USA / Deran Sarafian
    The Outer Limits Guest Star SCI-FI / Ken Girotti
    The Lonegunmen Guest Star FOX / Bryan Spicer
    Breaking News Guest Star TNT / Perry Lang
    Cold Squad Recurring CTV / Jorge Montesi, Stacey Curtis
    Da Vinci's Inquest Guest Star CBC / Brad Turner
    Elvira Kurt: Adventures In Comedy Guest Comic COMEDY NETWORK / Maria Armstrong
    Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years Guest Star CBS / Ken Jubenvill
    Big Breakfast Show Guest A-Channel / Calgary
    Off The Record Guest The Sports Network / Canada
    Urban Rush Guest Shaw / Vancouver
THEATRE (Selected)
    The Mamet Women Polly WOMEN AT PLAY(S)/Christine Willes
    The Edible Woman Ainsley THEATRE JUNCTION / Nikki Loach
    Out The Window Andy ACTORS JAM / Kelly-Ruth Mercier
    Would You Like Fries With That? All Characters NATIONAL COMEDY TOUR / Self-Directed
    Twelfth Night Olivia UPSTART CROWS / Shauna Baird
    Out Of Order Maria STAGEWEST / Bernard Cuffling
    Native Speech Janis ART RANCH / Coral Larson Thew
    King Henry IV Part 1 Lady Percy THEATRE JUNCTION / Nikki Loach
    Romeo And Juliet Juliet SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK / John Murrell
    Julius Caesar Metella Cimber SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK / Kevin McKendrick
    The Waiting Room Jenny LUNCHBOX THEATRE / Kevin McKendrick
    Zastrozzi Matilda MRC / J.P. Fournier
    Love For Love Angelica MRC / John Murrell
Enid-Raye Adams
Personal Manager Lucas Talent Inc.
Contact Person: Debbie Mahood
Phone: 604-685-0345
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  Additional: Memorable Quotes From ENID-RAYE ADAMS:

"I had a bad experience once where I gave my autograph to a donkey from Nicaragua and he sold it on eBay. He got 1.13 for it and he wouldn't split it with me."

"I was running to catch a bus once and the bus driver wouldn't stop so I yelled, 'HEY, I DID A SEARS COMMERCIAL!'"

"I am a huge hockey fan and I almost swallowed my own esophagus when Trevor Linden scored my favorite goal of all time - for Team Canada with less than two minutes remaining in the 3rd period against the Czech Republic at the '98 Nagano Olympics. He tied the game, sent us to overtime, and I ran around the house screaming like I had found the cure for cancer! Although others claim Canada lost (I blacked out as soon as they began the shoot-out), I know in my heart what is true: that swallowing your own esophagus can be a painful thing, and a hockey game can't be won in a skills competition."

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