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    Ghost Whisperer Co-Star ABC/John Gray
    Blank Chief Bratton Peter Mehlman Production
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Cold Case Co-Star CBS/Kevin Brey
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Las Vegas Co-Star NBC/Tawnia McKiernan
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Without A Trace Co-Star CBS/Tim Busfield
    Law & Order Guest Star NBC/Don Scardino
    Seventh Heaven Guest Star WB/Burt Brinckerhoff
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip LAX Guest Star NBC/Joe Russo
    Deep Space Nine Guest Star UPN/Rick Kolbe
    Party Of Five Co-Star Fox/Dan Curtis
    Mysteries & Scandals Gig Young E!/Lynne Morgan
FILM (Selected)
    The Social Network Mr. Winklevoss David Fincher/Michael DeLuca Prod.
    Crazy On The Outside Judge Pierce Tim Allen/Crazy Inc.
    A Beautiful Disaster Bill Johnson Jessi Tome/Tome Prod.
    Green Coach Boris Schaarschmidt/Green Team Prod.
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip One Minute Sarge Dutch Merrick/Another Way Prod.
    Hot Tamale Buck Woodriff Michael Damian/Hot Tamale Prod.
    Friday Night Lights Coach / T.A. Peter Berg/Universal Pictures
    Dog Watch Cop John Langley/Barbour/Langley Prod.
    The Paper Stunt double: Randy Quaid Ron Howard/Imagine Films
    Betsy's Wedding Stunt double: Alan Alda Alan Alda/Bregman-Stoller Prod.
    A Shock To The System Stunt double: Michael Caine Jan Egleson/Brigand Pictures
    Last Exit To Brooklyn Stunts / Guard Uli Edel/Constantine Film
    Dream Team Stunts / Cop Howard Zeis/Universal Pictures
    The Five Corners Stunt double: Tim Robbins Tony Bill/5 Corners Production
    Taking The Heat Stunt double: Tony Goldwyn Tom Mankiewicz/Showtime
    Izzy & Moe Stunts / Cop Jackie Copper/CBS
THEATER (Selected)
    Only In New York Lead/Tommy West Bank Cafe Theater, NYC
    Goodbye Lead/Dave William Redfield Theater, NYC
    Casanova's Nightmare Lead/Casanova Producers Club Theater, NYC
    Lone Star Lead/Roy Lincoln Center Aud., NYC
    Loves Audition Lead/Paul Lincoln Center Aud., NYC
John Hayden
Theatrical Scott Stander and Associates
Contact Person: Jackie Stander
Phone: 818-905-7000
Commercial Agency Abrams Artists Agency
Contact Person: Mark Measures
Phone: 310-859-1417
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  Biography: John has had the privilege to work with the following Oscar winners or nominees: Oscar nominated Jackie Cooper(Izzy & Moe),Oscar nominee Jackie Gleason, Oscar winner Art Carney (Izzy and Moe),two time Oscar winner Ron Howard(The Paper),Oscar nominee Alan Alda(Betsy's Wedding), five time Oscar nominee Sidney Lumet(Stanger Among Us),Oscar winner Tony Bill (The Five Corners)and Brian Grazer (Friday Night Lights). In addition, John has also stunt doubled for two time Oscar winner Michael Caine(A Shock To The System),Oscar nominee Alan Alda(Betsy's Wedding), Oscar nominee Randy Quaid(The Paper),and Oscar winner and nominee Tim Robbins(The Five Corners). John also worked as a football technical advisor with Oscar winner and two time nominee, Billy Bob Thornton(Friday Night Lights).

  Additional: Can be a New York and Connecticut hire.

  Website: Open

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