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    Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Co-Star Rob Zombie
    The Pursuit Of Happyness Co-Star (w/Will Smith) Gabriele Muccino
    Rob Zombie's Halloween Co-Star Rob Zombie
    The Island Co-Star Michael Bay
    Christmas With The Kranks Co-Star Joe Roth
    Garfield Co-Star Peter Hewitt
    Lost Treasure Co-Star J Andrews
    Tiger Cruise Co-Star Duwayne Dunham
    K-Pax Co-Star Iain Softley
    Fear of a Black Hat Lead Rusty Cundieff
    That Darn Cat Co-Star Bob Spiers
    Fair Game Lead Michael Whaley
    Retiring Tatiana Lead Thom Steinhoff
    Molly Co-Star John Duigan
    Senseless Co-Star Penelope Spheeris
    Sprung Co-Star Rusty Cundieff
    Crimson Tide Co-Star Tony Scott
    Tales From the Hood Co-Star Rusty Cundieff
    Go With The Fro Lead Mariannae Lewis
    Terminator II Co-Star James Cameron
    Caught In The Spray Lead Gene Anderson
    Child's Play III Co-Star Jack Bender
    Ghostdad Co-Star Sidney Poitier
    Police Academy VI Co-Star Peter Bonerz
    Listen to Me Co-Star Douglas D. Stewart
    Caddy Shack II Co-Star Alan Arkush
    Chuck Series Regular NBC
    Heroes Guest Star NBC
    Weeds Guest Star SHOWTIME
    MY NAME IS EARL Guest Star ABC/
    Hot Properties Guest Star ABC/
    Life Is Ruff (MOW) Lead DIS/Charles Haig
    Ordinary Miracles (MOW) Guest Star HALL/Michael Switzer
    Center Of The Universe Guest Star CBS/
    Method and Red Guest Star FOX/Ken Whittingham
    Reba Guest Star WB/Will MacKenzie
    Grounded For Life Guest Star WB/John Blanchard
    Crossing Jordan Guest Star NBC/Alan Arkush
    American Dreams Guest Star NBC/JessicaYu
    Sixteen To Life (Pilot) Guest Star FOX/Jamie Widdeos
    The Mullets Recurring (all episodes) UPN/Gail Mancuso
    Dharma & Greg Guest Star ABC/Gail Mancuso
    Yes Dear Guest Star CBS/
    Malcolm in the Middle Guest Star NBC/
    Touched by an Angel Guest Star CBS/
    Shake, Rattle & Roll (MOW) Fats Domino CBS/Mike Robe
    Kelly Kelly Recurring WB/John Tracey
    Malcolm & Eddie Guest Star UPN/John Tracey
    Men Behaving Badly Recurring NBC/
    Cali Series Reg UPN/Rusty Condieff
    Black at Ya Series Reg FOX/Rusty Condief
    The George Wendt Show Series Reg CBS/Terry Hughes
    Seinfeld Guest Star (2 Episodes) NBC/Andy Ackerman
    Murphy Brown Guest Star Peter Bonerz
    Martin Guest Star FOX/Gerren Keith
    In Living Color Mr. T Fox Television
    12:01 (MOW) Co-Star Jack Sholder
    Gangsters Jonathan Rhys Greene/SDBET/Blue Trunk Theater Co.
    Fences Gabriel Delicia Turner Sonnenberg/Cygnet Theatre
    The Tin Soldier Sgt. Major/Sewer Rat Joe Powers/North Coast Rep
    Since Africa Deacon Hudson Seema Sueko/Mo'olelo Theater
    Gibson Girl Ladell Delicia Turner Sonnenberg/Moxie Theatre
    Cotton Patch Gospel Matthew Deborah Smythe/Lamb's Players Theater
    Nuevo California Man Standing Still Sam Woodhouse/San Diego Rep
    A Christmas Carole Fezziwig Todd Salovey/San Diego Rep
    Love, Janis Interviewer San Diego Rep
    The Merchant of Venice Gratiano Sam Woodhouse/San Diego Rep
    A Midsummer Night's Dream Quince/Engeus Marion McClinton/La Jolla Playhouse
    South Of Where We Live Kenneth (Lead) Thomas Mikal Ford/Ebony Shocase Theater
    What A Good Black Man Needs Larry (Lead) Dee Abdullah/Ebony Showcase Theater
    Ripped Van Winkle Seven Characters Dan Chumley/S.F. Mime Troupe
    The Black Horror Show Richard Standard (Lead) Barry Shabaka Henley/L.A. Theater Center
    Minamata Del/Alice's Father Reza Abdoh/L.A. Theater Center
    Life Is A Dream Basilio (Lead) Bill Bushnell/L.A. Theater Center
    Antony and Cleopatra Alexas Sir Tony Richardson/L.A.T.C.
    Patience Bunthorne Louis Fantasia/Bing Theater - USC
    Tracers Habu Stop Gap Theater - USC
    Good Woman of Szechwan Policeman Frank Condon/Bing Theater -USC
    Adventures In Odyssey Ed Washington Focus on the Family
    Affabel Selfish Hoose Productions
Mark Christopher Lawrence
Actor, Comedian, Host, Voice Over Artist SAG, AFTRA, AEA
Theatrical The House of Representatives
Contact Person: Denny Sevier
Phone: (310) 451-2345
Commercial Agency Cunningham, Escott, Slevin & Dougherty
Phone: (310) 475-2111
Publicist Back2BackPR International
Contact Person: Carol Crawford
Phone: 206-355-9543
Management Parallel Entertainment
Contact Person: Matt Van De Water
Phone: 310.279.1123
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